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KastKing Sharky 2 Reel Review – 2019 – Great Value?

The KastKing Sharky II’s recent introduction to the family of KastKing reels has made a splash in the fishing reel industry. However it also takes a splash. This improved edition of KastKing’s original Sharky reel boasts a number of enhanced qualities and it’s also waterproof. Fishing reels are certainly made to be around water, but any angler knows that water, (especially ... Read More »

Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse Reveiw – 2019


Today we take a look at the abu garcia orra power finesse Spinning Reel. There are a lot of different options to be considered when you’re  buying a fishing reel. Not only is this going to be one of the most affordable fishing reels you can find on the market, it still manages to deliver a decent amount of both ... Read More »

Daiwa Opus Plus Spinning Reel Review – 2019

daiwa opus plus side view

The daiwa opus plus spinning reel is a large extra-capacity spinning reel designed for heavier action in both freshwater and saltwater. The 4 Models of Daiwa Opus Spinning Reels are suitable for surf, pier, jetty or boat fishing. They are an excellent value for high caliber equipment. The majority of reviewers praise the very smooth action and casting ability. Depending on the model ... Read More »

Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel – Review 2019

penn fierce side view

Penn, in general, is a name that a number of fishermen have trusted over generations for quality equipment. That is why we decided to review the Penn Fierce II Reel. This reel is a quality workhorse for multiple situations in both fresh and saltwater. It’s among the most affordable reels out there, managing to combine price with quality in a ... Read More »

Pflueger Patriarch XT Spinning Reel– Review 2019

pflueger patriach XT from the side

The Pflueger Patriarch is known as being one of the lightest spinning reels you’ll ever come across, but it also sports one of the highest market prices for a Pflueger branded spin reel. Pflueger is well-known for producing quality products at very affordable price, and that’s why they are usually the most recommended reels in forums or Facebook communities. We ... Read More »

Shimano Sienna Review 2019

Shimano Sienna from the front

As fishing enthusiasts know all too well, there’s really no limit to the amount of money you can spend on fishing gear. But is the best equipment always the most expensive? Shimano says no. The Shimano Sienna line of reels is priced in the mid to low range yet competes with reels over twice the price. Is the Shimano Sienna ... Read More »

Penn Conflict Against Battle II – LET THE BATTLE BEGIN

penn conflict spinning reel

My original intention was just to write review solely based on Penn Conflict: Its features, pros and cons and just to introduce this spinning reel to people who are looking for a new one. However, knowing that I have recently reviewed the very popular Penn Battle II. I decided to create this review as comparing one vs the other to see how ... Read More »

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