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Alabama Rig Fishing Review – Setup And Technique

alabama rig review in action

Childhood rigging was easy. Someone else always did it for me. As I grew into young adulthood I remember having a certain insecurity when it came to fishing. I never knew which kind of a rig or setup to use. In those days there was no internet to quickly look up information. I surely wasn’t going to waste a trip ... Read More »

KastKing Orcas II Spinning Reel Review – 2017

Kastking Orcas II side view

High strength to weight ratio. That’s the term I’d use if given only one choice to describe the new upgraded 2016 KastKing Orcas II Spinning Reels. Purposely engineered to be compact and lightweight, the Orcas II achieves its goal and doesn’t stop there. The toughness of the Kastking Orcas II starts on the outside with a flex free aluminum alloy body. It ... Read More »

Daiwa Saltiga DogFight Review – 2017

saltiga side view

The Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight is a reel ready to go tooth and fin with species the like of the Soupfin Shark, strong Amber Jack, Yellowtail, or 100+ lb Bluefin Tuna. The dogfight is a sturdy and durable reel that will hold up against incredible force. She boasts 66 maximum pounds of drag to be precise and doesn’t stop there. Additional ... Read More »

Penn Clash – Review 2017 Well Built Spinning Reel

Penn Clash Side View

Penn is clashing with the competition after the release of their new “Clash” line of spin reels. Featuring a Full Metal Body on the outside and CNC machined gears within, the Penn Clash spinning reel paints a picture of balance from the get go. Priced at a point that’s not too far of a stretch from the similar Penn Battle ... Read More »

Shimano Sedona 2500 FD Spinning Reel Review – 2017

shimano sedona side view

Enhanced Casting Propulsion – The Shimano Sedona FD  And their cast doesn’t fall short with the Sedona FD. In fact, the Shimano Sedona FD was engineered specifically with casting in mind. The Sedona FD features a technology created and known by Shimano as the Propulsion Line Management System. Similar to the KastKing Sharky II’s power launch lip, the Sedona FD ... Read More »

KastKing Sharky 2 Reel Review – 2017 – Great Value?

Kastking Sharky II

The KastKing Sharky II’s recent introduction to the family of KastKing reels has made a splash in the fishing reel industry. However it also takes a splash. This improved edition of KastKing’s original Sharky reel boasts a number of enhanced qualities and it’s also waterproof. Fishing reels are certainly made to be around water, but any angler knows that water, (especially ... Read More »

Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse Reveiw – 2017


Today we take a look at the abu garcia orra power finesse Spinning Reel. There are a lot of different options to be considered when you’re  buying a fishing reel. Not only is this going to be one of the most affordable fishing reels you can find on the market, it still manages to deliver a decent amount of both ... Read More »

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