Abu Garcia is a brand with a lot of history behind them. The company started from manufacturing pocket watches back in the 1921,but now they are producing the most innovative and high quality fishing equipment in today`s market. Along with all that they have probably had the biggest influence on today`s sport fishing communities.


The amount of trust this brand has among fishermen is unmatched by other companies. Abu Garcia reels are made to last years and years, that is why they are generally recommended for people who are trying to make a long-term investment on spinning reel.

Was this reel all HYPE?? Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Review

Firstly, today we will present you the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket spinning reel and analyze thoroughly all the specifications one by one. This reel has some unique features and some anglers may feel confused. After testing the Abu Garcia Revo and questioning several anglers we managed to write an objective detailed review. First of all, Abu Garcia is a leading ... Read More »

Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse Reveiw – 2019


Today we take a look at the abu garcia orra power finesse Spinning Reel. There are a lot of different options to be considered when you’re  buying a fishing reel. Not only is this going to be one of the most affordable fishing reels you can find on the market, it still manages to deliver a decent amount of both ... Read More »

Revo Premier SP Abu Garcia Review 2019

Revo Premier Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia Revo Premier spinning reel is quite old model, but still manages to hold on of its place in today`s tackle market. The quality of construction and longevity this spinning reel offers can match today`s standards. Read More »

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