Penn is another brand with a lot of history and 75 years of experience in making fishing reels. They particularly focus on saltwater fishing gear and they are quite successful in it. There has been many world records being set using the Penn reels.

Penn reels are not only used by top anglers, some models have prices that are suited to hobby fishers too. Penn products generally have everything you would like in spinning reel and sometimes even more than that, but it comes with price.

Penn Slammer 3 Spinning Reel Review -2019

penn slammer III

Just to start out with, the 2016 ICAST award winning Penn Slammer 3 was constructed in order to fulfill the most demanding needs of every angler. The American company Penn owned by Pure Fishing has been at the forefront of durable reel design since 1932. Here comes the Penn Slammer III with multiple innovative features that we have never seen before ... Read More »

Penn Spinfisher V Review 2019

Penn Spinfisher v side view

No doubt at all that Penn Spinfisher V is the way to go when you are serious and frequent saltwater angler. There is no other reel that has that kind of totally waterproof design. All the reviews and comments all over the internet speak for themselves. Read More »

Penn Reels Pursuit 2 Review – Ultra Lightweight 2019

Penn Pursuit II

Whether you’re in pursuit of the next catch or the next catch is pursuing your lure, the Penn Pursuit 2 makes a formidable reel for such a chase. Anglers rave about the feather light feel of the Pursuit II. Its ultra fluid gear system puts similar reels to shame and an oil felt drag results in flawless line resistance. Though ... Read More »

Penn Torque Spinning Reel Review – 2019 Full Metal Body

penn torque 5 side view

Torque! Commonly known as the extra force applied to a bolt after it’s tightened down. This definition perfectly describes the capability of the Penn Torque Spinning Reel. Machine made with a full metal body. The Penn Torque applies HT-100 drag system technology to wrangle powerful Marlin and heavy Mako Sharks. Penn puts a Fully Sealed System into their Torque line ... Read More »

Penn Clash – Review 2019 Well Built Spinning Reel

Penn is clashing with the competition after the release of their new “Clash†line of spin reels. Featuring a Full Metal Body on the outside and CNC machined gears within, the Penn Clash spinning reel paints a picture of balance from the get go. Priced at a point that’s not too far of a stretch from the similar Penn Battle ... Read More »

Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel – Review 2019

penn fierce side view

Penn, in general, is a name that a number of fishermen have trusted over generations for quality equipment. That is why we decided to review the Penn Fierce II Reel. This reel is a quality workhorse for multiple situations in both fresh and saltwater. It’s among the most affordable reels out there, managing to combine price with quality in a ... Read More »

Penn Conflict Against Battle II – LET THE BATTLE BEGIN

penn conflict spinning reel

My original intention was just to write review solely based on Penn Conflict: Its features, pros and cons and just to introduce this spinning reel to people who are looking for a new one. However, knowing that I have recently reviewed the very popular Penn Battle II. I decided to create this review as comparing one vs the other to see how ... Read More »

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