Penn Spinfisher V Review 2019

Penn Spinfisher V is believed to be one of the most accomplished and recognized heavy saltwater spinning reels ever produced. The anticipation for this reel before release was insane. All the specifications, action video clips and features sparked many discussions in forums around the net. Let’s figure out if this Spinfisher is actually worth all that recognition and glory.

Penn Spinfisher v 6500 side view

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 Specifications and Models

This open face reel has 11 different sizes. That many options can really help to optimize your fishing by helping you to pick the one that suits your individual needs and intentions.

A lot of reel companies make offshore spinning reels that offer only few models or model that don’t differ much from each other.

Luckily, Penn is not one of them. Normally we list all of the different versions and discuss each one.  The  Penn Spinfisher V has so many of them available that it would not be make sense to break each one down.

These models go from 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500.. all the way up to the final version, size of 10500. The Penn spinfisher v 6500 is one of the more popular Penn Reels you will find on the market. Where models start will tell us the real story of the Penn Spinfisher V. Made as a big game reel in order to fight against deep sea fish like tuna and marlins.

Of course, each model has bigger maximum drag and line capacity than previous models. These models get solidly bigger and heavier and their drag ratio drops accordingly.

That means higher the versions get, the more suitable they are for heavier and bigger baits that are aimed towards those bigger beasts. That is the reason why the strongest and heaviest reel model SSV10500 weighs approximately 40 oz.

It is built to withstand even the biggest monsters that nature can throw at the fisher. Of course with each model size increase the price will get higher. This is expected as these reels get progressively stronger and heavier.

Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Fishing Reel – Check Price

Features of  Penn Spinfisher V

Built like a Tank

Penn’s main mission when developing fifth version of spinfisher v was most definitely making it last as long as possible This is especially true in destroying environments like saltwater. Penn has really done a great job in this case of producing an unbelievably durable reel.

Penn’s unique Water Tight Design which has 6 (9 in live liner(LL) versions) seals that keep the corrosive saltwater away from gearbox and drag system.

Drag system is sealed with 3 HT-100 drag washers. This reel will handle saltwater without any problems, even after the longest days you spend out on the water. This sealed construction build is the trademark feature of Penn Spinfisher V.

inside look of penn spinfisher v 6500 reel

Perfect example for heavy-duty reel

No Backing needed

No mono or fluorocarbon backing is needed because the rubber gasket keeps the superline from slipping. That makes filling the spool much easier and faster. Reel line lay is stunningly even. Even more expensive reels lack this precise line lay.

Line capacity Rings

This you will notice right away on how much line you have left in the spool even while you are busy battling with fish. Different rings will let you know when you have 1/3 or 2/3 of line left on spool. This feature is a great help when your focused on landing that possible trophy.

5 Stainless Steel bearings

Five high quality shielded bearings help to keep the Spinfisher working as smooth as possible.

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Our View

It is quite clear that the Penn Spinfisher V 4500 is one of the best spinning reels on the market. Penn has a vast array of models. Some models are suited for that newbie beginner just getting their feet wet. Others are better for the more experienced anglers or for more different fishing techniques. Some versions actually have baitrunner system built right in, similar to Okuma ABF.

One thing is for sure. Every single model shares the same main principle- they are all made to last for a lifetime of fishing. It is almost impossible to find another reel that is so resistant to saltwater or another reel that is meant to last for so long.

The only negative I can say about Penn Spinfisher V is that it does not perform as great of some other reels in its class.  The performance is a secondary factor in this reel. Experienced fishers do not buy a Penn Spinfisher V because it has the all time best drag system, smoothest reel or allow you to cast longer than any other reels.

Of course, the Penn Spinfisher V performs respectably in all of those categories but would get top honors for them individually.


The main selling point that the Penn Spinfisher V has is possibly the most durable reel on the market. It is aimed towards offshore anglers who are looking for a reel that despite wear and tear might just last a decade or more.

If you are hobby fisher who is looking to make that single time investment for  serious sea and ocean fishing reel. If your desiring something that is proven to last then the Penn Spinfisher V reel is the way to go. However if you feel like you need something more gentler and…a little easier on the budget, you might want to check out the Penn Battle II.

HEAR the latest about this reel directly from Penn.

Where the Penn Spinfisher Ranks In Our 16 Reel Comparison Table?


  1. Victor Jankowski

    I currently own the Spinfisher SSV 10500, SSV8500LL,SSV5500,SSV3500. And also other major and minor brands. It would be fair to say, that I collect modern reels and have spent a great deal of money on my addiction. No, I am not rich!!! Regardless the Question: I have read Alan Hawk’s Spinfisher V review and it was not exactly sterling. I really don’t care about how waterproof a reel may be. Since everything I own is very well cared for to the point of being accused of being mentally ill. What worries me most is the metallurgy (alloy) of the major gears. How well will my SSV10500 hold up in Bluewater Fishing with the likes of a Marlin. Also the question of longevity bothers me. Should I keep this reel just as an interesting collector piece? And use the Daiwa Expedition 8500H for very serious fishing.

    • Hey Victor,

      The Spinfisher V is still one of the leading saltwater spinning reels out there. I am familiar with Alan Hawk`s review and yes he brings up some longevity issues, but part of the reason for that was high anticipation and expectations set by the Penn before the Spinfisher V launch.

      One statement goes like this : “whether you dunk the reel in the surf, or let it ride in the spray all the way home, you don’t have to worry about saltwater getting into the gearbox or drag system”, that`s a pretty brave claim right there and no fisherman would actually leave their reel out to spray day-after-day. Alan Hawk again just proved the same.

      Absolutely, fish with the Spinfisher. Don´t get lost in some rare negative reviews. Reread our review, check the forums, amazon or basspro shop reviews, 90% of them are positive and anglers have not had any problems with the reel. There was a bit of over-hype and bragging from Penn before the launch and that`s it.

      Tight lines!

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