Okuma is the leader of low-end market fishing products. They are known for their widespread category of fishing equipment, their products are very popular among beginners and that is the group they mostly seem to target. Okuma really knows, how to put as much quality into their reels as possible with cheap prices.


These reels work well for short-term use, but if you are looking something that will have a top quality performance and will last a decade then Okuma reels may not be the best choice. That`s why these reels are perfect for people looking to make their first fishing steps, but can´t afford top quality reels just yet.

Okuma Helios Spinning Reel Review

First of all, the okuma helios spinning reel, true to its name (helios=sun in Greek) is the ‘’sun’’ between many other reels from the spinning category. A true definition of a light spinning reel. The Taiwanese Okuma Company constructed a versatile reel ready to win any fight. Equally important is the fact that this spinning reel has many innovative features.  ... Read More »

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Review 2019

Okuma ABF

Okuma Avenger is cheap, but at the same time top selling spinning reel in many huge stores like amazon. The reason lies beneath its logical and easy to use baitfeeding system. One click is all that you need to change between baitfeeder and main drag. Read More »

Okuma Reels – Okuma Cedros HS Review 2019

Cedros high speed fishing reel

Okuma Cedros is valuable reel for jigging techniques. It has high-gear ratio and this reel goes as far as adding special jigging handle to some models. This spinning reel represents Okuma knowledge to put together valuable spinning reels while maintaining cheap price. Read More »

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