Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Review 2019

We were motivated to review a Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder, because this reel has gained a lot of popularity in some circles. These circles are, for Okuma, beginners and people who are tight on budget and searching best spinning reel for the money they have.

This open face reel represents Okuma’s another try to make a product which should take care of all basic angler needs and at the same time make it affordable for every interested fisherman. Kinda like approaching the territory of the “famous” Pflueger President.

We would like to remind everybody that this is not a so called “normal” fishing reel like Okuma Cedros, it is a baitfeeder, baitrunner  type reel which is a variation of a regular spinning.

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Technical Details

Total of 6 models:

  • ABF20 and ABF30, gear ratio 5.0:1. ABF30 weighs a 2 oz more, but offers bigger line capacity. Their price is same. It`s buyer decision to favor lighter weight or more line on spool.
  • ABF40 and ABF50, both gear ratio 4.5.1. Both weigh ~17oz and line capacity are same on both versions. Max drag pressure respectively 14 and 17 pounds. Again price is identical, it is just matter of which version would suit your needs better.
  • ABF 65 & 90 , gear ratio does not go any lower than previous version. Weight 27 oz and max drag 22 lbs. Same price, only difference is that ABF90 version can carry more line on spool.

All these reels have universal low-gear ratio, which is essential for baitrunner type reels. It is good to know that baitfeeder technologies work exceptionally well with catfish, carp and similar fish who tend to suck the bait inside. The way to use it is following:

  1. Cast the lure and set reel to second drag with no tension on line
  2. Wait for bite and give fish time to pull the bait deep into its mouth
  3. Now hook the catch strongly so he could not have a escaping change by utilizing primary drag.

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Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Special Features


Okuma Reels Special Avenger Baitfeeder System

Okuma reels have its own baitfeeding system figured out. It incorporates a feature to adjust second rear-drag what allows to make changes of the spool that can increase or decrease tension on the feeding fish. In addition to that, Okuma made switching from baitfeeder to main drag very easy by creating simple on or off lever at the rear of the fishing reel.

The tensions automatically applies when starting to retrieve too.

Okuma Avenger ABF in package

Extra spool included

Hydro Block Watertight Drag

This feature has a rubber gasket mounted to the top of the reel spool. Its purpose is to block water and other foreign elements from entering the drag system. This will ensure optimal life-span of drag washers.

Quick-Set Anti Reverse

This technology becomes helpful when you finally decide to hook the fish. When hooking you will feel instant engagement of handle and  don`t have to worry about potential handle back-play. This is possible by special stainless steel bearings that only engage reel in one direction.

This reel can be used in saltwater, thanks to its graphite corrosion resistant body. Because of its small size it is enjoyable to use it in fresh waters too.

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Our Take On It

This was our first baitfeeder type review, so we do not have any other same type of reels to compare it with. One thing is for sure, if this Okuma reel was a normal spinning reel, we would not consider it anything special. This reel just does not possess the qualities needed that make long-lasting and good performance spinning reel.

On other hand, comparing Avenger to a usual spinning reel may not be appropriate. The avenger reel was designed especially for use with a baitfeeding system.

At first sight it looks like the Okuma Avenger baitfeeder hit the nail right on the head with this reel because it has created a lot of buzz in some communities. Reviews only tend to support that idea. It is a top seller online, mainly because of its under $100 price tag.

However I would remain skeptical about all of this hype, because most of them are beginners and can not distinguish good and bad reel. Main problem I see with Okuma avenger is fluctuating quality.

Some reels tend to last years and some get broken in few weeks or do not handle the saltwater. This leads me to believe this reel may not be the best option for frequent use as primary reel. I realize that I can not expect perfect saltwater resistance in this price range. The question is, how can Shimano budget reels do a lot better job, while costing even less than this Okuma reel?

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Wrap-Up

I would recommend the Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder reel for an anglers secondary reel. Whenever they would have a use for a  baitfeeding system they have anappropriate reel handy. It would be better to use something as light but with a higher quality build and more advanced technology solutions for your primary reel. Something like Shimano Stradic CI4+  would be a great option.

This way you could be sure to have a reel that works over the long-run and a decent secondary reel like Okuma ABF that can be available whenever you need something for this style of fishing. Especially with prices you can find online. The Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder will be worth having as part of your tackle.

Where Okuma Avenger Ranks In Our 16 Reel Comparison Table?


  1. You you say some were broken in weeks or could not handle salt water? Like any reel if you clean it with fresh water before storing away it will last for many years! And they come with a 5 year warranty so those who broke them in weeks are either covered or they were mistreating them. This review is rubbish

    • Thanks Phillip for your input. We always appreciate getting counter opinions regarding our reviews. Of course we always try to put out quality reviews. Everything here is based on our experiences and experiences of other fisherman around the world.These reviews are our opinions. We will stick by them and let the reader use this data as well as other sites to make and informed decision before making a purchase.

  2. I have two ABF-90 as part of my primary tackle. I haven’t had a problem with them at all and have been fishing with them for 4 years. I freshwater fish, lakes and rivers. I have used them in brackish water but, not yet in complete saltwater. I can use them in rivers that have more current than my bait casters and they’re easier to adjust. Not to mention they cast great. Just my 2 cents but, I think they’re really good for the money, features, everyday use and not just for beginners. I’ve been fishing for 34 years and plan on buying more Okuma Baitfeeders.

  3. I bought the okuma abf65b in February of this year and have caught 40. And 50 lb flatheads and blue cats on it and also I pier fish in Myrtle beach with it and have caught sharks and large sting rays????????The last ray I got with it was was 47 inches outside wing to outside wing and fought it for about 20 mins before two grown me was able to pull it up in a basket????????Overall I feel this has been a awesome investment and wouldn’t hesitate a second on recommending it to anyone as as a primary rig????

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