My Experience with the Pflueger President Spinning Reel

It is not every day that one throws his reputation to the dogs but I think my day sure has come. I may possibly be about to commit heresy in the cheap fishing reel world. By the way, cheap being under $70, or within the range of being safe from being forced to spend the night on the couch after your wife finds the receipt(pflueger president $49.99). Cheap being you are still not quite the gear snob looking down on the mere peasant. Him with his Ugly Stick while you call for drinks and cast your high end Shimano. I’m cheap and because I’m cheap, I’m still married!

I may be cheap, but I have always been very picky when it comes to fishing gear. This especially holds true when it comes to my reels. Buy the right reel and you are good to go.  Buy the wrong reel and you feel like you brought your mother-in-law with you every time you head to the lake or stream. So with that in mind, it is not uncommon for me to stare at a computer screen until my eyes bleed researching gear and tackle.

I recently spent a large amount of time seeking a new reel. It was such a large span of time that my wife was starting to use words like “deranged”, and “obsessive”.  After all, she asked, who spends a week looking at a bunch of gears and spools encased in Chinese plastic?  Well, this guy does, and if you are reading this article, so do you!

After spending my deranged week searching for the right reel, I was foaming at the mouth and had become a recluse like Howard Hughes.  At about the time I was about to start collecting my bodily fluid in jars, I finally reached a decision.  The Pflueger President.  After all, if the forums said it was the reel to get, it had to be true!

I spent $56.39 onlineI didn’t have the stamina to wait for it to be shipped, so I went right to the store.  Of course you can’t just buy a fishing reel, so I bought a new rod.  I grabbed a Shakespeare Light Ugly Stick.  So for around $85, I had a new trout and smallmouth combo.

Stream side with the Pflueger President

The Pflueger President Model I purchased was the 6925X, rated for 6 lbs test and with a max drag of 6 pounds. I took it to the stream by our home a few days after the purchase.  It was late March, and the Tennessee Trout season was well underway.  Casting was as expected, but nothing special.  It is of course no Shimano. While enjoying my sweet Cohiba cigar which I ordered few days ago from Famous-smoke I caught a few fish that morning, and I didn’t feel like I taxed the capabilities of the reel enough.

The next weekend was different, and after landing a few larger rainbows I started to notice that the Pflueger President spinning reel was not just cheap in cost, but it truly was a “Cheap reel”.  The line started wrapping around the spool, often and it became a huge frustration.  It cost me a nice trout at one point.  I have had $20 cheap reels do better than this!

I tried fooling with it that night to fix it, and even switched fishing line.  Two days later I was at it again, and after a few minutes I started having the same problem.  I would have to remove the spool every time and untangle the line.  I have had this happen to me a few times with reels, but never with a Pflueger.

pflueger president from the side

Pflueger President Spinning Reel Conclusion

I felt that the overall construction of the Pflueger President was cheap, compared to Shakespeare, Abu Garcia, and low end Shimanos like Sienna.  Their reel only came with one spool. Many other companies offer 2 spools with the reel for the same price.

To their credit, I contacted Pflueger, and they replaced the reel with a new one.  The new reel did not have the same problems, but still felt cheap.  I still use it today, but only as a backup rod I keep in the truck.  If you are in the market for a new light to medium action reel, I suggest looking elsewhere.  The Pflueger President gets 3 stars out of 5 for me, and there are certainly better options from Pflueger line out there. If you are looking for real quality take a look at Patriarch XT.

At the end, I highly suggest you still take advantage of the low prices going on , but remember to approach The Pflueger President spinning reel with caution.


If YOUR Still Interested – Cheap Pflueger Price Here!


See where President ranks in our 16 reel comparison table?




  1. I decided to buy new reels once my 20 or 30 year old reels became inoperable. I decided on the President at $59.00.
    I love the precision feel of this reel. I wade fish a lot and the reel always gets wet. I also leave it in the uncovered bed of my pick up truck from spring to fall.
    I’ve had this reel for over 6 years now with no problems. I do clean and lubricate it often but consider it one of my favorites.
    The gentleman that wrote the above review must have gotten a lemon. I fish in a bass club and use it in tourneys. I have also noticed a lot of the other bass club members usually have a President on the front deck.
    For the $$, it can’t be beat.

  2. I own 5 or 6 of them. 6940 president is good enough and the price is reasonable. I’m a recent spinning gear convert. Fishing for ‘B’ run steelhead on the Deschutes I got tired of picking backlash out of my casting reel. Long casts and short drifts. I bought that reel on the advice of a friend. It was perfect for the use I gave it. Reliable casting and a good drag. You need both to master the 20# steelhead that we catch here. More than once I stopped a smoking hot fish on a long run up river. With 12# test mono you need a good smooth drag. It is not an expensive golden reel, but it does not need to be.

    I now own 6 of them. The bait casting gear will last forever as I do not plan on going back to it.

  3. The gentleman who wrote the article is spot on….cheap junk…my son purchase a President this spring 2016..I just purchased one about a little over a month ago…Both reels are sitting on bench in garage because the drags are malfunctioning….I have contacted Plueger this Labor Day weekend…will wait and see how they will stand behind their product….I advice people to steer away from Pflueger President….

    • Hi Kraig,
      same opinion on President here.
      I had one long time ago, in the end I was disappointed. It’s not that it was that bad, but in comparison you see which one is better. After reading this article I’ve decided to buy a Zebco Omega ZO3PRO.
      The drag is AMAZING, OMG, it’s much smoother and handles huge weights very ordinary. I decided to give it a shot. I’ve read tones of reviews, tones of website, Zebco Omega ZO3PRO is definitely worth buying. I’d suggest you get one!

      Good luck! God bless us all!

    • This blows my mind because Ive owned 4 for 8 or 9 years and 1 for a few years and fish more than anyone I know and not one of these reels has ever gave me one instance of a problem. I have the large spinning reel which I use for shoreline salt water fishing and a smaller Bass sized version as well as two others and the Baitcaster. And Id guess to say that there have been thousands of fish ranging from Hammerhead sharks, to Catfish, to Bass, to white perch, etc.etc.etc and never, not one single time have any of them ever given me a single problem. Now I do clean my reels a few times a year because as stated, I fish, and I keep them tight, greased, etc. and that goes for all of them, not just the Pfluegers. Ive had problems with the Quantams, which is why I no longer use the brand. Ive had problems with Shimano, which is why I no longer use the brand, but never with Abu Garcia, not Pflueger.

  4. I have had four Pflueger rods and reels, all President reels, that I have been fishing with for the past 5 years, I realy like them and have had no problems. Like Rodger noted, I like the ‘feel’ of these reels also, they are super smooth and I give them a beating with very infrequent cleaning.
    Unless they decide to change the manufacturing, I’ll buy more.

    • This is the most popular spinning reel bought at Bass Pro Shops according to number of reels reviewed by customers and carries one of the highest ratings. Those who criticize it have not offered one bit of advice for improvement in its construction. If you got a bad one, it’s an anomaly. The gentleman who wrote the review knows nothing about spinning reel operation or construction. He is getting backlashes because he isn’t casting correctly and isn’t using his hand to close the bail when bait or lure hits the water. Reel design is not responsible for this, reel use is. No other reel on the market is made with as many bearings at that price.

  5. I bought a President 6940 3 days a ago and fished with it the first time! I was catching Channel Cat’s and the reel was fantastic! I put it on a 7 ft GX2 MED/HEAVY UGLY STICK spinning rod and it works great! I’ve never had rod & reel combo cast as smooth as this. With a flick of the wrist I though it could would go a country mile!

  6. im a club bass guy and i use presidents on all my spinning gear. hands down the best reel for the money.
    sounds like this guy who wrote the review may have overspooled the reel causing the line issues.
    as for myself i have NEVER had ANY line or drag issues. I fish for money and am totally confident in my President reels to deliver when needed!

  7. I have a President and it’s my go-to reel. Amazing. The review above is 180 degrees from my experience. I cannot recommend these reels enough. I fish for bass mainly, but also cats, trout, and really anything else freshwater. I can cast mine a mile and half too. Even when the line is running down, I can throw it further than any reel in my trunk. I like Shimano Quickfire reels, but I have been using this exclusively lately because it’s so smooth and easy to use.

  8. I have many high end reels , 2 stradic ci4+ one is the 2016 model, one abu garcia revo premier spinning and a Pflueger President 6930 , the President reel is very smooth and I catch on it walleye bass and even sturgeon. The reel weight is 8.3 oz the same like the stradic fk . What can I say, for the price you pay this reel is fishing like a shimano reel. It is true the reel is not as fast, the report is 5.2 to 1 but is a very good value .
    I highly recommend the reel to everyone in special this 6930 model.

  9. Too bad you didn’t know how to spool up a spinning reel correctly. I own about 5 various PFlueger reels and love them all very much. I have two Presidents, one is the larger spinning type for saltwater shoreline fishing which Ive had for about 9 years or so, and then the newer one I use for Bass fishing. I also have two other models, cant remember off the top of my head, but to make a point, Ive had them for about 9 years as well. Couldnt begin to even come close to counting the fish Ive caught on these reels nor tournaments Ive won from the backs of. But anyway, Ive got reels that cost more and some less. Ive been through a ton over the past 30 years. But the Plflueger models I will continue using til I pass away I suppose because they are better than many, and bout as good as most. In fact, I have a new Pflueger baitcast reel as well. Now Im not a Pflueger exclusive guy, but I use what works and works well and these reels do the job. I also use the Revo SX, or two, and a few others. But the thing is, the Pfleugers are average priced and man they are good tools. Period

  10. For what it’s worth, I just returned a Pflueger President to SAIL here in Ontario. I used it for about two months, fairly infrequently, and the little arm that holds the bail snapped off right in my hands on a cast. I own two of the reels and bought them at the same time. I spooled them both the same way with Power Pro braided line out of the box and they’re both on identical medium heavy 7′ Fenwick rods. From day one, one of the reels was far superior. One would get tangled and didn’t cast very smoothly, the other was a pleasure every time I used it. For this reason, I used the “good” one far more often. I was using the “bad” one when it just snapped off in my hands. Luckily it didn’t cost me a fish! From my experience and from what I’m reading here, it would seem that Pflueger has a quality control issue. It sucks because the one that does work is fantastic. I replaced the broken one with a Shimano NASCI 2500 on the recommendation of a staff member at SAIL and I’m excited to try it against the “good” Pflueger.

  11. Something is definitely amiss here with this article. I feel like the writer is living in bizarro-world where everything is turned around backwards. I own two Pflueger President 6925’s. I basically am a shore bank fisherman. For Crappie, Bluegill, Redear, Perch and the occasional Brown Trout. This reel is the best for the buck I ever seen.
    And I have compared it with Shimano Sienna 1000 and Shimano Stradic 1000 series. And the Pflueger out performs both. The Sienna I can understand, it is a lower end model, half the price of a Pflueger President.
    But the Stradic 1000, that’s another story. The Stradic doesn’t even come with an automatic or manual anti-reverse lock. But yet, look at the price. I bought two Pflueger President 6925 at under $45 a piece. The best price I could find anywhere for a new Shimano Stradic 1000 was $135. The Stradic while having just as smooth reeling action as my Presidents. The Stradic doesn’t have the 9+1 stainless steel bearings as the President, it has 7+1.
    But that is no deal breaker. But not having a anti-reverse lock device is. That is a must in my reel select to purchase.
    Because I use a lot of light jigged soft plastic lures, I need to cast, set the anti-reverse lock, and work the rod to enhance the presentation of my lures to the fish. Until I get a bite and hook set in to work the fish down. Without the anti-reverse, I lose line out and the lure doesn’t respond as effectively. Thus loosing the attention of the fish.
    Bottom line, even at the best prices I quoted here, which are not MSRP mind you. I can buy three Pflueger Presidents at the price of a Shimano Stradic 1000. And there just isn’t three times the quality and performance in the Stradic over the President. For the money and the quality you get for it, the Pflueger cannot be beat.
    And further more, they never ever have given me any problems. Even when I land fish like Bass or a Walleye which I wasn’t expecting to.
    If it matters what rod I have been using with these reels, I use a Shakespeare Ugly Stik (with EVA grip) 5′ ultra-light two piece and a Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite (with cork grip) 5′ ultra-light two piece. Usually always with 4# line.

  12. I’ve been reading the reviews and doing my homework on this reel, and I recently bought one. I can say that it is a very smooth casting reel, and the high number of bearings is definitely a big reason why. I was looking for a versatile spinning reel for my go-to rod for everything I don’t troll for. I live about 5 miles away from Lake Erie, and the lake holds massive fish. I’ve been putting this reel through it’s paces at some local reservoirs, and it’s been a dream to use. Casting is accurate and smooth, and the retrieve is definitely a big plus for this reel. I can easily control the speed of my lure in the water and make sure that the bass get exactly the presentation that they want. I can say that it’s exceptionally light, and I am very impressed with the bang-for-the-buck factor. While I wouldn’t use this set up as my first choice for a giant sheephead or catfish you occasionally hook into on the lake, I am confident that I wouldn’t be caught flat-footed it that were to happen. For complete data, I’m running 10lb flouro, and I’ve been casting anything from unweighted worms to topwater lures, and I haven’t had a single problem. This set-up has been exactly what I was looking for in general purpose fishing gear.

  13. I have 3 President reels and have used them for well over ten year with never a problem. BTW I fish 3-4 times a week all summer since I am retired.

    Cannot make any observations about these reels that have been manufactured in the last ten year but mine are the best especially for the Price!.

  14. These are good reels and compare quite well to other reels in the same price range. While I appreciate the authors review, because he is just relating his personal experience with this reel, I am suspicious that it wasn’t entirely the reels fault. I have a bait and tackle shop. I would be will to say that 80% of people don’t know how to put line on a spinning reel, without having the line go on with a twist, which will lead to nightmare performance. Also, I know trout guys get off on “dainty” equipment, and they often buy too small. The 25 reel is perfect for 4lb test line, but the size 30 is a much better choice for 6lb line. My assumption is that was the reviewers first mistake, and putting the line on wrong his second, probably over-filling the spool too. Some brands of line are way stiffer than others, and don’t handle well on spinning reels. These are just guesses on my part, but for running a shop for over 30 years now, I have handled a few spinning reels in my day. The pflueger president is a great 50.00 reel. No more, no less.

  15. This article is helping me a lot to choose a great gift for my father’s birthday. Fishing is his hobby. He is now 70 years old. Last month in his birthday I gave him the “Pflueger President Spinning real, fishing rod, hat, backpack, sunglass and full set for fishing. You know! he is very happy to get this gift. I saw this happiness spreading in his eyes.
    Actually, the credit goes to you. So, thanks for this great article.

  16. Thanks for great article. After reading it I went right to Amazon and bought 4 President reels. My sons have used them several times and almost class them as good as the old school Mitchell reels. Thanks again

  17. I shopped around for various reels and noticed the President on sale $20 off at Cabela’s. It was a no brainer. I opted for the PRESSP35X v2 (not sure what’s new) along with P-Line 10 lb Flurocarbon clear and a 7 foot Ugly Stik GX2. I used it in rain and the line casts buttery smooth. No snags, no bird nests. I like that the 10# Flurocarbon line is very thin and almost invisible in the water. Hauled in a 4lb bass and a 24-inch walleye on the same trip. Snagged a 20-inch sucker (pulled like a beast) which gave the reel a workout. The angling specialist at Cabela’s said most folks buy cheap line that’s stiff can bung up the works. So far, so good.

  18. The author of this review apparently doesn’t know how to spool a spinning reel properly. I use the president exclusively for hybrid striped bass and sand bass fishing. I use 7 foot fenwick rods on both my presidents and I would put both if them up against Shimano any day of the week

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