Best fishing line type – Braid VS Mono

braided fishing line vs monofilament fishing lineFishing lines are the most significant thing which plays the imperative role amid the angler and the fish. Albeit the rods, reels and hooks are also equally vital, however it is the fishing line which keeps all of these together. The angler needs to be extra cautious while selecting the suitable fishing line as it can oftentimes be difficult, based on the situation.

There are mainly two common sorts of fishing line: braided and monofilament. Each sort of line comes with its own unique and beneficial characteristics. Knowing these features will certainly aid you select the right line for your spinning reel. Anglers who do not take following advice to consideration might fail to get their most when they head out for fishing.

Significant facts to know


Among the lot, mono fishing lines are much common and most of the angler prefer this sort of line. These sorts of fishing lines are easily compatible with myriad fishing conditions. These are idyllic to use for freshwater fishing in lakes and streams. The fishing line comprises single strand made of fiber or nylon. The nylon material is melted and then extruded efficiently through small holes of different sizes and cooled to create several diameters of line.

The strength of this fishing line is extremely dependent on its diameter, material used and manufacturing process. To determine its strength, you need to look at its pound test rating which is generally printed on the mono line packing. These lines come in varied colors which might work well for various applications. These are much less visible in water than braided ones.

Monofilament lines are robust and cost-efficient as well. However, these lines come with one main drawback and that is the fact that they can be stretched. They also can degrade with time so you need to store the line properly and replace it often.


On the other hand, braided fishing lines are the strongest types. The lines comprise of braided fibers of typically micro-dyneema, Spectra or Dacron. The specialty of braided lines is that they won’t carry any stretch and so you can factually feel everything at the end of braided lines. They have great knock strength, dearth of stretch, and amazing overall power.

They are greatly preferred as these lines come with a vital benefit of being capable to cast for longer distances. Moreover, these lines are sturdy enough to resist the weight of big fish. These are highly durable and can last longer than that of monofilaments.

They are believed to be also highly resistant to abrasion by some experts, but there are anglers who state otherwise too. It is not an best option for anglers who encounter submerged timber or rocky terrain. Because of the un-stretchable nature, the braided fishing lines might tend to break if in case the drag is not set appropriately. Thus, it is better to utilize long-lasting fishing reels and rods with these lines which guarantee smooth operation.

These are not preferable for fishing in clear water as they are visible and can ruin the fishing. They are also bit expensive when compared to that of monofilament lines.

By considering the aforesaid factors of both the sorts of lines, you can choose the fishing line which is suitable for your fishing needs and budget. Here is listed our best braided and monofilament line of the year.

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