Was this reel all HYPE?? Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Review

Firstly, today we will present you the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket spinning reel and analyze thoroughly all the specifications one by one. This reel has some unique features and some anglers may feel confused.

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

After testing the Abu Garcia Revo and questioning several anglers we managed to write an objective detailed review.

First of all, Abu Garcia is a leading company in the fishing gear sector. The company pays special attention to durability, speed and quality. Excellent drag system, high speed, weightlessness and great line capacity incorporated in one reel.

If you are fishing for Barracuda, Amberjack, Marlin, Tuna or other fast hunting bloodthirsty predators, this reel is designed for you.

The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket comes in three sizes, 20, 30 and 35 and they have a gear ratio of the rate of 7.0:1. This is also the outstanding feature. In comparison to the Abu Garcia Orra Power, the Revo models can be characterized as lightweight, as they weigh from 6.90 up to 8.10 ounces.

Noteworthy is the fact that the reel has max drag (11 lbs.). Contrary to some previous models like the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore, it is quite low.

Models and Specifications

ModelsWeight (oz)Retrieve Rate(inches)Max Drag(lbs)Braid Capacity(YD/LB)Mono Capacity(YD/LB)
Revo Rocket 206.903711175/8170/6 120/8 100/10
Revo Rocket 307.704011180/10225/6 175/8 140/10
Revo Rocket 358.104411190/14240/8 190/10 135/12

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Official Review by Abu Garcia



Highlighted Features of the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

On the one hand, the Abu Garcia Revo is a sophisticated piece of equipment because it combines a great gearing system with speed and quality. However, the low max drag works definitely as a drawback.

Nevertheless, anglers all around the world know the adage: ‘’You buy Abu Garcia once’’. True to this adage they are crafted to last a life-time.

Fast ”Rocket” Retrieve- Rocket Gear Ratio

An eye-catching feature is the gear ratio. Undoubtedly, high gear means fast retrieve. However, you have to put much more effort.

A gear ratio of 7.0:1 will definitely give you the opportunity to keep up with heavy fast fish. Imagine that if you are fishing for Amberjacks, the fishing lure speed must be at least 3.5 miles/hour. For example the retrieve rate of the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket 35 is 44 inches.

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

That means that you need only around one full rotation in order to reach that speed. The average turn number is 2.5 times per second in order to reach the speed of 2.5 miles.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that high gear ratio does not mean high retrieve rate. The Abu Garcia Revo Premier has a model with a gear ratio of 7.1:1. Surprisingly, the retrieve rate is only 29 inches.

Gearing System

The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket features 10 plus 1 stainless steel High Performance Corrosion Resistant (HPCR) bearings. With 11 ball bearings we cannot exclude the word ”smooth” from the Abu Garcia Revo vocabulary. However, ceramic ball bearings last longer than stainless steel bearings they are unsuitable for saltwater environments.

The ball bearings are specifically designed for saltwater usage as they are protecting the reel from saltwater corrosion and rust. Smoothness, flawlessness and durability characterize the reel through out every cast or retrieve. Moreover the Revo Rocket series have an AM Gearing System.

Generally speaking, that means that it has computer precision gear and you will not have this ”wobble-slop” feeling while retrieving line.

Better Line Management

Additionally, an innovative rocket line management designed by Abu Garcia in order to have a better cotrol of the line whether braided or monofilament. The slow oscillation system combined with a well-constructed spool design definitely ensures you that you will not have any line management issues.

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

Abu Grcia Revo Rocket Drag System

The reel utilizes the Carbon Matrix drag system for a flawless retrieve. Abu Garcia Orra Power and Abu Garcia Revor Premier series share the same drag system technology. Since you are going to fight with heavy fish, the drag system is the most essential part of the reel.

In this case, we have carbon washers built in the spool. Carbon is considered to be one of the most durable materials. The drag system of the Abu Garcia Revo is able to support and minimize high pressure, if you have a big fish on the hook. Unfortunately, the max drag is only 11 lbs.

Many anglers suppoze that the fast line pick up system runs counter to the low max drag. The max drag is disproportionate to the fish categories that the reel is aimed at. Of course, this is just a little detail. It does not mean that you will not be able to fight big fish.

There is no doubt that it is a major drawback. Allegendly, this reel category should have high max drag because fast predators are really strong. They will fight till the last minute before you land it. We think that the other Revo models like the Abu Garcia Revo Premier with max drag 20 lbs can better handle big fish.

Light like a Feather

Above, you read about stainless steel ball bearings, high gear ratio or carbon washers. Do not worry! It is one of the most lightweight reels. However, the Abu Garcia Revo Premier PRM weighs only 5.90 ounces, the Rocket Revo weighs slightly heavier. The C6 Carbon rotor and the X-Craftic are two features that provide lightweightness.

Undoubtedly, this features is a very important factor when you are pursuing fish by spinning. Thus features combined with a flat EVA foam knob provides convenience and better casts while spinning. Accordingly, we think that it is a big plus for the Abu Garcia Revo Rocket as it has 7.0:1 gear ratio!

The model 35 weighs 8.10 ounces because it has a titanium shaft.


Your major concern, while you are spinning, is the retrieve speed which should be quick. The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket gives you the opportunity to approach the right speed with no much effort. The high gear ratio works very well while you drag the lure through the water.

One model of the Abu Garcia Revo Premier has also high gear ratio but the size of the reel is too small to support that feature. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight in order to have a better spinning performance. Furthermore, the carbon washers are able to protect the reel from corrosion.

Overall, it is a good spinning reel but you should take the drawbacks seriously into consideration.



Finally, since you have read the roundup, the drawbacks are obvious. We would like to mention the low max drag. The reel is aiming at big predator fish so Abu Garcia could raise the max drag. All saltwater anglers know that the max drag is a major factor of the brakes. Amberjacks, Marlins  or Tunas strike and try to swim away.

The maximum pressure applied from a medium size fish is at least 8 lbs. So, if you have a big size fish on the hook, it will probably escape. Moreover, the drag system is not protected from a sealed system. That works as a drawback because you have to clean the reel after each fishing trip.

Of course, we would not like to be unfair with that specific reel but we must provide an objective review. Each reel has advantages and disadvantages that must be metioned. Abu Garcia products are definitely of high quality.  However, we think that the company could improve some features.

Watch the famous bassmaster Iaconelli Michael talking about the Revo Rocket

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when we had poor gear ratio options. Abu Garcia combined size and high gear ratio in order to create a versatile fishing reel. The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket brings many technological advancements developed by Abu Garcia.

The line capacity, high tech mechanism and an outstanding design are enough to put the reel in the top of the list. For medium size fish it works well but for bigger ones we would not recommend it. However, the price is low for such a spinning reel, so many anglers prefer it.

Every year, Abu Garcia engineers are developing and improving their fishing tackle technologies.

Hopefully, our article was helpful and will play a desicive role in your desicion. If you want to mention something about the reel, feel free to submit your ideas in the comment box below.


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  1. I have the 20 version of this reel. I fish for fresh water fish such as bass, crappie, stripers and trout. I use the reel for lure fishing with anything from drop shot rigs to jerk baits to small crank baits. This article says that the reel is designed for huge saltwater fish like marlin…I can’t see any Revo standing up to that kind of pressure and I don’t believe it was designed for what the article claims. I’ve fished for every type fish on the eastern USA and Belize. If I’m going salt water I don’t use my regular bass tackle. On the Revo rocket, The openings in the bottom of the skirted spool would let salt water in to corrode the spool shaft and pinion gear. For bass and regular fresh water applications, the Revo Rocket is awesome…drag is great and it’s stood up to all I can dish out for the last 3 years in fresh water. I use 8lb mono and it has been great. Great standard little 20 size reel for general fresh water applications. Salt water fishermen are always obsessed with knots and drag systems. Every time I go fishing with a guide they always tell me my tackle is not as good as theirs…Don’t believe this hype…I’ve seen people with Zebco 33 reels catch huge snook and small tarpon. If a zebco can do it…the Revo certainly can…

  2. juan fernando gonzalez hernandez

    Hi. Great article.

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