Saltwater vs Freshwater Fishing Reels

saltwater vs freshwater reelSome people, especially beginners, will probably don`t know that all fishing reels could be divided in to two categories, saltwater and freshwater. In order to maximize your spinning reel lifespan and to avoid picking the wrong product you should learn what distinct`s them and what is the purpose of each one.

Main differences

  • Salt is very brutal to the metal, that is the reason why saltwater fishing reels are made from stainless steel and other non-corroding components. Even that kind of reels take some damage from salt water over a long time.
  • Freshwater reels will get damaged and corrode when in contact with saltwater. It will help to rinse your reel with freshwater after fishing, but it definitely is not a long-term solution.
  • Generally, saltwater reels are made to catch bigger fish, that is the reason why they have bigger line capacity than freshwater ones.

Now there may arise question, why does freshwater reel even exists when saltwater models will outperform it everywhere?

  • PRICE– freshwater reels are much more cheaper, they don`t have to be made from heavy-duty materials like I mentioned before. When you only fish in freshwater`s there is no need to spend extra buck on more expensive reel.

Which one to buy?

 It will depend heavily on budget, but saltwater spinning reels are definitely worth the investment because they can be used universally. No need to worry about destructive salt and can be used in freshwater`s too without any problem.

Freshwater spinning reels absolutely have their place too, when you are mostly fishing in non-brackish waters, but when you still decide to try some salty water body, remember to always rinse the reel afterwards. Despite of that, they are not really good choice for long term use, because sooner or later, when interest in saltwater fishing may rise, you still need corrosion resistant reel.

If it is possible financially we recommend buying only one reel and that would be saltwater one.


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