Revo Premier SP Abu Garcia Review 2019

This time we are taking a look the old flagship inshore reel, Abu Garcia   Revo Premier. Let’s see if it still can compete with the nowadays Abu Garcia open face fishing reels. Thr Revo series are not exclusive to spinning reels. All Abu Garcia’s highest quality reels carry this name, which stands as revolutionary. This reel is totally suited for saltwater usage so no need to worry about fishing it in brackish waters.

Abu garcia Revo Spinning reel

Reel that is old, but still gold.

Specifications of Abu Garcia Revo Premier

This fishing reel actually does not really have a large spectrum of sizes available. Some reels have a lot of versions ranging from lightest to more heavier and stronger reels, some do not. Revo has 4 models- PRM10, PRM20, PRM30, PRM40.

All these are pretty much the same by weight and there is good reason for that. Revo Premier was designed as ultralight spinning reel while still maintaining its strength, but more on that below. Main difference between all these models are gear ratios and they are not significant different either:

PRM10 – 5.2.1

PRM20– 5.1.1,

PRM30 and PRM40– 5.8.1

The latter ones cost a little bit more. Still these little differences are important and noticeable only to bit more experienced anglers. We would recommend first two versions, because there is no need to pay extra bucks for some difference so small.

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Main features of Revo Premier

Main upgrade Abu Garcia have used in this reels frame is the new NanoShield technology. This kind of technology is used in nuclear engineering industry as well. NanoShield technology helps to create reel frame which is up to 300% stronger than graphite, but at the same time still weighs up to 50% less than aluminium.

The perfect mix of durable and strong reel,together with light weight, will help to cast longer without experiencing wrist/arm pain.

It has 10 high performance corrosion resistant bearings  + 1 roller bearing will provide ultimate corrosion protection. All these bearings definitely play a big roll in the smoothness that this reel offers which is recognizable through every retrieve. It`s very hard to find a fishing reel that maintains light weight and at the same time has 11 bearings inside.

One piece aluminium geabox decreases the reels weight even more. Besides that, it allows even more precise gear alignment which provides even smoother operation.

Revo Premier spinning reel gearbox

Inside scoop of Revo

Slow oscillation provides even line lay with every type of line. This really helps with line management during casting and makes reel really smooth during that.


Our Thoughts

Revo Premier is really interesting reel. It is absolutely clear why it was and still can be considered the flagship of Abu Garcia spinning reels. It has one of a kind frame that supposedly offers massive strength and longevity, but still manages to weigh so less.

We recommend everybody to take the previous statement with grain of salt, it is really hard to make frame lighter by increasing durability noticeably at the same time. However there aren`t many complains about this reels reliability so Nanoshield frame seems to do its job well.

Actually Shimano has developed similar frame type named CI4. What shimano versions do not have however, is Revo 11 bearings that will make sure users don`t never have to complain about reel overall smoothness. This just might be the smoothest reel you will ever use, if we leave almighty Shimano FI out of the equation.

Only real downside is the fact that reel technology has got little bit more advanced since the launch of this reel. Revo lacks in latest innovations like braid ready spool or other Abu Garcia nowadays inventions . But comparing other variables like strength of construction and reel weight, it still holds its place in tackle market today.

This reel would be categorized to so called “lighter reels group” , these are used with light lines and lures for primarily freshwater fishing. Revo Premier fits nicely into that market, it has light but at the same time very strong NanoShield build.

This gives this reel very considerable edge, because most common materials for reel outer frames are either light & not long lasting or durable, but heavy. This reel took the second place in our quiz where we asked 42 pro bass anglers for Top-3 factors in spinning reel.

Overall opinion

This reel is so unique that it is really hard to classify it into specific spinning reel group. There are not many reels that are maintain construction quality and light weight at the same time. Throughout the years, the price of this product has even dropped a bit making it a perfect buy right now.

Universally i would recommend this reel to those who are looking for a ultralight casting equipment, and at the same time want to hold onto traditional strength and longevity that most of  this category reels don`t offer.

Only thing the buyer has to realize is that this reel does not come with latest innovative updates and is strongly targeted for inshore and freshwater use. But we can calmly state that this reel will not disappoint anyone who knows what to expect from it.

How does Revo Premier rank against other top reels? To find out, see our comparison table where 16 spinning reels go head-to-head.

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