Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse Reveiw – 2019

Today we take a look at the abu garcia orra power finesse Spinning Reel. There are a lot of different options to be considered when you’re  buying a fishing reel. Not only is this going to be one of the most affordable fishing reels you can find on the market, it still manages to deliver a decent amount of both power and finesse. When you read


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through the local fishing communities online, there are a lot of recommendations you will find. It just so happens that this Abu Garcia reel is one of the most popular choices around. Personally, I really like this reel a lot. Saying that, I understand that it’s all about personal preference.

The price is the major selling point in my opinion and yet it still performs at a high level. It’s lightweight and efficient. This is exactly what you want to see in a fishing reel.


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Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse


  • ORRA2PF35 Specifications: Line Capacity: 8/240, 10/190, 12/135 Mono 14/190 Braid Bearings: 9BB Gear Ratio: 5.8:1 Weight: 9.30oz

Reel Overview

The Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse is the perfect reel for anybody who is looking to get serious about their freshwater fishing endeavors. Without the proper reel, there are going to be a lot of problems that pop up during your time out on the water. The reel includes the word “finesse” within the title which might lead you to believe that it is not strong and durable. That is definitely not the case here. It’s actually perfect for “power & finesse” techniques.
Equipped with a C6 carbon body, this is a reel that’s built for longevity. If you’re using fluorocarbon lines, this is one of the most optimal reel selections that you could make. Freshwater bass can get pretty large and this reel has handled them with relative ease. With 8 stainless steel HPCR bearings and one roller bearing, this is the type of reel that delivers a completely seamless experience.
The Rocket Line Management System is used to keep your fishing lines from tangling, as well as just controlling them under the water in general. The main shaft is stainless steel, and that makes this reel very durable. There’s even a Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system. This allows for your drag performance to be at its peak.
Compared to the Pflueger Patriarch XT, this is reel holds up quite well. It doesn’t deliver on everything that the Pflueger does, but it definitely keeps your budget in mind. Both of these reels share similar bearing systems, but the XT model has 10 as opposed to 8 (like the Abu Garcia model sports).


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Check out these features:


      • Gear ratio of 5.8:1
      • Can be used by either left-handed or right-handed individuals
      • Aluminium reinforced C6 carbon body for durability
      • An X-Craftic gearbox
      • Incredibly lightweight, Weighs in at only 1.6 pounds!
      • Rocket lip spool design and a Rocket Line Management System
      • 8 stainless steel HPCR bearings (w/ 1 roller bearing)



The Abu Garcia Orra Power Finesse Spinning Reel has several pros. I like the fact that it’s one of the most lightweight options available on the market today. The aluminum reinforced C6 carbon body makes it one of the most durable reels you can purchase, and since it’s also one of the most affordable fishing reels, you’ll be saving loads of money. Improved durability and an affordable price tag make this a very wise purchase. The 5.8:1 gearbox is an incredibly useful touch as well! It allows you to retrieve your cast in a matter of seconds.


There isn’t much wrong with this particular reel, and I think it’s owed to the fact that they managed to produce quality without charging too much. If you use a relatively heavy line, like a 10-pound Fluorocarbon, you may have some trouble with tangles. Line butter might be a necessity in that case, and that’s why I prefer to work with a 6 or 8-pound test with this reel.


In my opinion this reel is better than the Revo Premier for fluorocarbon lines. Its the type of fishing reel that a finesse power fisher could learn to love, especially since it will save them money in the process. There are a lot of incredibly expensive fishing reels out there, but if your on a budget you wont be disappointed purchasing this one. You get to save money and still have a great fishing experience. I give this one two thumbs up!!


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