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Nothing speaks unkempt better than a pile of fishing rods tangled in the corner of your boat, bedroom, or garage. Fishermen collect equipment which ends up scattered or heaped. It happens to each of us eventually. When it’s time to organize there are different options. KastKing offers it’s Portable Aluminum 24 Fishing Rod  Rack Holder which comes at a price, usefulness, and durability that’s hard to beat.

Fishing Rod Rack Holder

Made of aluminum and fully portable this fishing pole holder is suitable for your boat, home, or business. Because this fishing rod rack is so easy to transport it works perfect for trade shows and conventions as well. Easy assembly out of the package makes it ready for rods in no time. it includes a well positioned handle to make transport a breeze.

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Key Features Of The KastKing Portable Aluminum 12 Fishing Rod Rack

Thinking of requirements for a fishing rod rack worthy of attention this Kastking model has it covered. Any fishing rod holder for boats would have to be sturdy. The KastKing 12 fishing rod rack holder is built strong enough to last, small enough to fit, and light enough to carry. A good looking metallic frame also displays this rod rack nicely in any room of the house. If you need a fishing rod holder for home you can’t go wrong with the KastKing.

Take a look at all the features that make up a top rated, top value fishing rod rack:

  • Fishing Rod HolderExtremely Light Weight – This rod rack weighs just under 5 pounds. 4.8 to be exact.
  • Padded Locking Holders – Each holder cushions the rod and protects the handle. It also self locks keeping the rod securely in place.
  • High Quality Material – The KastKing 24 fishing rod holder’s design includes high quality rust resistant aluminum.
  • Compact Design – Built with portability in mind meant that this rod holder couldn’t be too big or bulky. It’s dimensions are a mere 28.5″ high by 29″ wide with a depth of 13″. *Note: This KastKing fishing rod holder fits handles up to 1 3/4″ diameter.
  • Simple Assembly – No tools are necessary to build this fishing rod holder and clear instructions make for less than a five minute job.
  • Adjustable Shelves – Two adjustable shelves contain 12 rod holders on each side. The bottom shelf holds and locks the rod handles. The top shelf holds and locks the rod from middle to top depending on rod length. Both shelves adjust up and down for best placement.

A Fishing Rod Rack For Boats

Because the KastKing 24 fishing rod rack is small and lightweight yet strong and sturdy it’s perfect for boats. Taking up no more space than 2.52 square feet of floor space just find the right place on board and fasten the rod rack however you like. Bungee cords, zip ties, or screws in the legs would work. It would also be a good idea to rubber band the rods in for choppy water conditions.

A Fishing Rod Rack For HomeFishing Rod Holder

Get rid of that heaping mess of rods and reels you have in some corner of your home. Better yet, do it in style. This KastKing fishing pole holder not only gets you organized, but also blends well into almost any home. The KastKing name is clearly displayed on the diagonal footer which holds the butt of the rod. White paint and metallic uprights provide finishing touches to a well thought out fishing pole holder.

A Fishing Rod Rack For Business

Fishing Rod HolderFor those whose love of fishing has led to business venture the KastKing 24 fishing rod rack is a great tool. They’ll work for tackle shop displays and are perfectly suited for fishing conventions. Permanent displays in a retail store look great, but a portable display is a shop owners best friend. When it comes to conventions floor space can often be a concern. The small size of the KastKing 24 fishing rod holder helps in any kind of cramped quarter situations.

Drawbacks Of The KastKing 12 Fishing Rod Rack

The KastKing fishing rod rack doesn’t come with any mechanical or design flaws that need to be divulged. Fishermen should however be aware of its compact nature. The padded holders are placed close together so large reels like the Penn Battle II and the Shimano Baitrunner D might not fit next to each other. The rack also makes use of gravity to lock rods in place. A bumpy ride would knock them out of place so rods would need to be tied down. Lastly, the KastKing fishing rod holder was made for mobility but it might not be so easy to move loaded down with 24 rods and reels.

Fishing Rod Rack box

Finishing Thoughts

Fishing Rod Rack on displayThe KastKing 24 fishing rod holder gets fishermen organized with amazing value. It saves space, is easy to build, easy to move, looks good, and comes at price that’s hard to beat. This rod rack is an easy purchase considering the benefits and can be at most doorsteps in a matter of days. Whether you’re looking for a fishing rod display or simply feel it’s time to get your gear together, the KastKing fishing rod rack solves the problem. It comes highly recommended by best-spinningreels.com and customer feedback is incredibly positive.




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