Daiwa Legalis LGL Review 2019

These three types of fishing reels share the same main principle. To cast the line to the desired spot. So why are there so many questions and debates on internet forums for which one is better? The right answer is that each type has their own functions and features and truth to be told, some anglers just are not aware of differences.

We are going to explain each pros and cons so you will not be one of the previously mentioned uneducated angler.

Alongside we note most popular and well-known models of each reel. This way you can first easily understand what reel type fits your needs the most. After that you can start the search starting from our recommended models.

TypeAdvantagesDisadvantagesBest use?Price
BaitcastNo line twist
Hauling power
Strong drag system
Perfect for long fight
Higher gear ratio
Often backlashes
Difficult to cast

Targeting big fish
Bigger lures
Heavy line

Simple build
Inferior drag
Not durable
Tears up line
For beginnersCheap
SpinningRare backlashes
Easy to cast
Casting distance
Most versatile
Line twistsSmaller baits
Finesse techniques
Lighter line

First up we have baitcast reels or usually called simply casting reels. These are something that eventually every fisherman should strive to use. They offer the most power and durability. However, it can take time to learn the proper technique and be able to cast with them without spending your time on “bird nests”. So it might not be the best choice for beginners.

Spinning or open face reels offer something for everybody. First, they are easy to cast for beginners. Secondly, there are more bigger models available nowadays which manage to offer something to more advanced anglers too. Spinning reels are definitely not like they used to be back in days.

At first they were meant to be light as possible for rapid casting with light applications for finesse casting. Today however, there are plenty of big game fish spinning reels in market. These versions usually have lower gear-ratios which are meant for heavy swimbaits for off-shore angling.

Spincast reels have a hard time holding on to their market share. They essentially were made for pure beginners. This is because they are generally cheap and had simple build. In todays market a lot of spinning reels come with low prices too and offer much more quality than spincast reels. There are actually no good reasons to buy them except from the old habit of buying a starter package for new fisherman which commonly seems to have spincaster inside.

Popular Reels from each type:

Shimano Curado E Serie

Shimano Baitcasting reel



Zebco Omega ZO3PRO

Zebco Spincast fishing reel


Penn Spinfisher V 

Penn Spinnfisher V


So now you probably have a basic idea how different versions work. There is no one certain reel type which is best. Every one of them has their own use and ultimately you have to pick the one that suits your needs the most.

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