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Angling in fall

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Anglers favorite season has already, once again, arrived. What other season except fall, will give us so high probability to catch bass so big. The good news is that every fisherman still has time to prepare his mind, tackle box and equipment according to this season.

It is this way because the main point of year – late fall is still to come. However, until it arrives we can start practicing by putting more focus on casting for bass already on early fall too.

So without further intro, we are going to talk over fall fishing patterns and technique aspects that will hopefully increase every anglers change to catch the fish of the lifetime as we approach late fall.

Why to Fish in Fall?

Some more inexperienced anglers may ask, why fall is so important season? Especially when temperature starts coming down, what motivates people to go on water?

Answer is straightforward, fish including large and smallmouth bass are preparing for winter. That means they must feed heavily in order to survive it. Pretty much attacking any bait that catches their eye. This, in turn, makes them easy target for any angler. But wait, there is more:

  • Fish tends to form groups at that time of the year. If you get onto the right place you are most likely to pull out far more than single fish.
  • Air gets colder, so gets water. Colder water results in more oxygen which greatly improves activity of some fish. Good examples are bass, pike, trout, salmon.

Changes in Tackle

With every season there comes little change what lures work and what not. So we are going to give you a basic list of baits what should be in your tackle box this fall.

I hope you are already familiar with basics of bass fishing. First you need to clear your mind, are you after single trophy fish or trying to catch as many fish as possible. Bigger fish will target considerably larger baits, so big versions of these bass lures for fall will work great:

Deep crankbaits are great lures for targeting bass in deeper areas, where they rarely see any human side action. Usually people main focus goes on shallower parts of lakes with mid-depth crankbaits which will probably give you more consistent results. But if the day is right, deeper bait might be your ticket to long-waited personal best.

Make sure to try out lipless crankbaits too. They work at any depth and it is no problem to make long casts with them. This versatility will make finding fish much easier.

Live bait is huge in this list. It is one of the most foolproof baits to use. Nothing can get more realistic than using a real bait which bass normally looks for its meal. Little problem is that live bait is not cheap when you consider the lasting factor.

Of course you can always catch them yourself, but that takes time and resources figuring out where to find  and catch them. Popular live bait for bass that you should use in fall is crustacean, worms, frogs and every common bait fish like minnows. Even be willing to try a technique like the Alabama Rig.

From plastics we like to use worms and crawls.

Techniques and Patterns in Fall

We could flat out say that most important thing in fall fishing is locating the fish itself. Let me explain. We know that fish are hungry and keeping together. Only thing we need to do is to cast through different spots and pull out the first one. After identifying the potential gathering spot, it is easy breezy from there. So how to hook the first fish?

  1. Do not get stuck into one certain area.
  2. The faster you spin waters through, the sooner you can move on to other potential places.
  3. Best lure for search is considered to be lipless crankbait.
  4. Be willing to change  water bodies during the turnovers.

Also it is very smart idea to get to know what tactics other anglers use in fall. One of the biggest fishing community is Fishing Tidal Fish or if you prefer smaller ones Basstrails.com. Nothing can replace the knowledge which is created on the basis of so many people.

So these were basic guidelines on how to approach fishing in fall if your goal is bass. We hope beginners got some interesting ideas and fall fishing tips from this article. We may possibly launch more advanced version on this whole topic in near future.

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