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Daiwa Reels & Fishing History

As history repeats itself, so does Daiwa Reels! From its very first days as a company back in 1958 Daiwa has used innovation in technology to write a history rich with success. Though Daiwa reels may not be the choice for every angler, they deserve our appreciation. Their constant presence in the forefront of fishing technology has shaped industry standards ... Read More »

Best Inshore Spinning Reel Under $200 – 2019 Guide

Inshore rod and reel

Our Top Pick —>> Shimano Stradic FK Inshore fishing is a relatively common practice in the United States and that’s because fishing itself is a very relaxing experience. Using the best Inshore spinning reel is essential for fishing in very shallow water and you see people do it often because all you’ve got to do is dip your feet into the ... Read More »

10 Essential Fishing Tips For The New Angler

newbie angler fishing with no luck

A light morning breeze cools the back of your neck and your cast throws smooth ripples across a calm surface. Whether eagerly waiting among friends or navigating the waters alone, there’s nothing quite like casting a line and feeling the familiar tug of a fish hidden under waves of chilly blue water. The anticipation of that first bite is a sensation ... Read More »

Penn Reels & Their Fishing History

penn fishing company logo

In second edition of history series we are going to take a look at the start of the Penn Fishing Company and figure out how they have managed to dominate saltwater fishing reel market... Read More »

Shimano Reels & Fishing History

shimano bantam with packahe

Shimano didn`t start out as a fishing company. If you would like to know the real history behind Shimano and find out how it managed to climb up to the top spot of today`s fishing tackle manufacturers then check out this article. Read More »

A Guide To Ice Fishing- Infographic

Fishing in winter

We recently were contacted by website named ereplacementparts and they referred us to recent article about ice fishing. It came in little bit different format than usual article and that makes it much more easier and entertaining to read. Water bodies are slowly starting to freeze up so I am sure it will be a useful all-in-one guide with essential safety tips ... Read More »

Best fishing line type – Braid VS Mono

braided fishing line vs monofilament fishing line

Fishing lines are the most significant thing which plays the imperative role amid the angler and the fish. Albeit the rods, reels and hooks are also equally vital, however it is the fishing line which keeps all of these together. The angler needs to be extra cautious while selecting the suitable fishing line as it can oftentimes be difficult, based ... Read More »

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