Beginner Guides

Fall Bass Fishing Techniques & Tips

Angling in fall

No fishermen wants to go home empty-handed at the most fish rich time of the year-fall. We will give you essential fall patterns so you can change your tackle and techniques according to it. Read More »

Catching Largemouth Bass as Beginner

catching the bass with soft bait

Bass as the most available fish in america has sparked thousand of questions on how to effectively catch it. We try to give the answer in this article by writing down every aspect beginner should know about bass fishing. Read More »

Spinning Reel Maintenance Tips

Repair tools for fixing objects.

Everybody wants that their spinning reel will last as long as possible. Unfortunately people often do not have time or knowledge to do basic maintenance work. We would like to help everybody by listing all the useful information regarding the reel maintenance. Read More »

Saltwater vs Freshwater Fishing Reels

Salt- and freshwater spinning reel

Before buying any fishing reel you should know what distinguishes a freshwater and saltwater reel. After reading this article you can safely proceed to search the most suitable reel for your needs. Read More »

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