Daiwa Saltist 6500H SP Review 2019


Daiwa Saltist Spinning reel

Daiwa model 4500H

Daiwa Saltist spinning reels are probably not very well known, especially among beginners. The reason why it is like that ,is hiding in the quality of these products. Daiwa Saltist reels purpose is heavy action and generally beginners don´t look into that class reels just yet,  most possible reason is the cost of this quality.

Saltist is Daiwa`s first serious try at saltwater open face reel. Before they have focused more on freshwater ones.

More experienced anglers known that if somebody is looking for serious reel, Daiwa would be good direction to look at because their products tend to be fool-proof.

Daiwa Saltist models

Daiwa Saltist has 5 different models-

  • STT4500H,
  • STT5000H,
  • STT6000H,
  • STT6500H.

All these models are quite same, the biggest difference is that first two max drag is 22, other ones max drag is 33. Each version has the same gear ratio of 6.2:1. This high speed retrieve works perfectly with jigging, popping or surface lures that require fast retrieve. Actually the whole Saltist is optimized like deep sea jigging reel.

We are going to put focus on version STT6500H, it has the biggest line capacity and is most suitable for so called off the shore action. Reels that`s purpose is to bring big boys to home is what Daiwa does best, hence why the focus is on biggest reel out of 5.

Surprisingly it is not the heaviest one, both 6000 and 5000 weigh 1 oz more than 6500. We could assume that they just used higher quality materials in 6500 to make it lighter.

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Features of Daiwa 6500H

Proven to work in Saltwater

These reel was made by keeping mind how deadly environment saltwater is. In addition to that, Daiwa likes to keep things simple. This is the reason why Daiwa 6500H is built with full rugged, corrosion resistant metal. Many tackle companies like to make their reels waterproof with exotic metals, so they have a something to advertise.

This reel is great example that plain rugged metal is proven to work and there is no actual need to find substitute for that.

Corrosion resistant ball bearings

Not only outer frame has to be protected from saltwater. Daiwa includes bearings that are made of specially treated stainless steel. Those bearings tolerate saltwater up to 12 times better than normal stainless steel ones.

Reliable Manual Bail Trip

Manual pickup means fewer moving parts and thanks to that, reel is stronger and more durable. This really symbolizes what Saltist stands for, simplicity matters.

Digigear Design

This gearing system uses extra high-grade materials that make energy transfer from handle to the rotor smooth as possible. That makes gear system much more long-lasting too.

What We Think?

Daiwa 6500H is spinning reel which actually does not have any major shortcomings. Reliability makes it way to go when trying to jig  bluefins out of Atlantic Ocean. Like I stated in beginning of review, Daiwa really knows how to make high-end fishing reels that can even compete with Shimanos in that particular field.

It is great to see that the transaction from freshwater to saltwater has been successful. However it ain`t usual open face fishing reel in Daiwa`s collection.

This reel is not packed with usual Daiwa technologies for which they are so known for. Instead of that,it looks like this time the focus was on simple and proven mechanisms that would work time after time.

The focus payed off, this reel has been made using trusted mechanisms with time proven solutions.

Often times nowadays reels use a lots high-tech features which are great from performance aspect and for advertising purpose, but most of the time these types of reels will not last very long. It reminds me a Pflueger Patriarch. Daiwa 6500H is the complete opposite of that.

I think this kind of approach makes Daiwa unique in market, but at the same time can act as little disadvantage too. For many anglers, plain durability is not enough. Instead they are looking for reel with most recent “gadgets”.

Final Words

It is worth remembering that even though it is a heavy reel it does not have low gear ratio what normally this kind of reels have. This reel is meant for high speed action, for jigging.

Solid corrosion resistant build along with proven drag system make this reel solid option for somebody who is searching for simple and long lasting piece of fishing equipment.

Where Saltist ranks in our 16 reel comparison table?


  1. Hi, thank you for your review. I agree that Daiwa makes some of the best fishing equipment. I just don’t understand why so much research and technology fails to find a solution for the poor quality of chromed finishes. I have various Daiwa reels and they all show the same wear. My latest addition, the 6500H has the same issue… corroding chrome parts. It is disappointing spending the amount off money that we do on seemingly higher quality equipment from Daiwa, only to watch it wear and corrode away in a relatively short space of time.

  2. Daiwa is advertising a new Saltist line that includes an 8000 with a lower gear ratio than the STT6500T. How would you rate the two compared against each other?

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